Final Sesquicentennial Commemoration for John Brown Raid
Tuesday, March 16, 11 am

The final Sesquicentennial Commemoration for John Brown Raid will occur in Charles Town, WV on March 16, 2010. It is the 150th anniversary of the execution of Aaron Stevens and Albert Hazlett, two of John Brown’s raiders.

The commemoration will take place starting at 11 am at the Jefferson County Courthouse where the trials were held. Following a narrative of the two trials, a procession will be held, with those present walking to the execution site, about four blocks from the courthouse. A newspaper description of the hangings will be read. Wreaths will be laid at the site by descendants or proxies.

The program is sponsored by the Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society, the Jefferson County NAACP, the Harpers Ferry Historical Association and the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau. For information contact Bob O’Connor at 304-535-2627.